Nathan DeLadurantey: How To Avoid Getting Credit Report Errors

If you’re applying for a new credit card or mortgage in Wisconsin, then getting a copy of your credit report is highly essential. If there are errors on your report, though, those could hold up that application and potentially harm your credit score. Here’s how to avoid those mistakes in the first place according to legal expert Nathan DeLadurantey.

Get The Free Copy Of Your Credit Report

In getting a free copy of your credit report, you can get one free copy every 12 months from any of the major credit bureaus. If there’s an error on one bureau’s report but not on another’s, it will be easier to fix if you can show proof that something was wrong with just one agency’s information rather than two or three agencies’ information at once.

Contact All Credit Bureaus If You Find An Error

If you find an error on your credit report, the first step is to contact all credit bureaus. This will ensure that the error is removed from all the said credit reports. You may contact each bureau by phone or mail and explain why you think there’s an error in your record.

Nathan DeLadurantey From that, make sure to provide details about where and when the incident occurred, who was involved, how much money was involved (if applicable), and any other information that might help them investigate your claim.

Check For Simple Credit Report Errors Before Contacting A Company

Lastly, when you check your credit report, it’s important to look for errors and make sure all of the information on it is accurate. If there are any mistakes, they can cause problems when you apply for a loan or credit card.

Other than that, you should also check that all of your personal details are correct, which may include names, addresses, and dates of birth. If you find an error in your credit report, contact the company that issued it as soon as possible so that they can correct it immediately.