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After 2 years from my last post

Hmm.. its been almost 2 years since i last blogged. lots of things happened around me,  from a happy role change in my career, to things that turned my life upside down, my dad was diagnosed for oral cancer in late 2011, and the sudden demise of him on ~2,15am 31st of March 2012 (I still miss him!!). which i almost lost focus on blogging and .net community activities.


And here i’am trying to come back!.

As for last 2 years i’ve been focusing on iOS development, VSTO, MVC, ASP.Net 4, WPF and OpenXml mainly. hope i could share my experience on these stuff in my future posts.




Aneef Fashir (41 Posts)

Software Architect @ Assette, Sri Lanka

  • murshid1988

    Welcome back! :)